Meet the Artist Iza Calla

My name is Iza Calla, I am a young contemporary artist based in Austria, Europe. My two passions are my family and my art. As a mother of a beautiful son, I manage daily the balance between family and artist life.

I am very lucky, that I found my passion in my early twenties. Constantly working on my artistic and spiritual growth.

My drive for creating art is infinite and it comes from within me. I am a very spiritual lady, I always felt a desire to give, create, grow. 

With my oil colors and brush, I finally found a way to release all the energy within me. A holy source. 



What Clients Are Saying

"No, you can't buy your artwork back. Everyone, who sees this canvas is fascinated by the colors. It's incredible. I always find something new between the brush marks."

Anonymous Art Collector